Summer is Here

The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Are you ready to take advantage of it?

Your Summer Soundtrack

This outdoor-rated speaker system offers a variety of connectivity options. With Bluetooth, RCA and aux inputs you can connect and enjoy your music from virtually any device you own. Also featuring a built-in FM radio tuner, you can enjoy your favourite local stations whenever you want.

Our kit comes with 2 IP56 rated outdoor speakers each able to output 60W of crystal clear sound. A 4x30W amplifier leaving you room to add 2 additional speakers. Finally, a weatherproof box that will house the amplifier and keep it safe and operational and 100 feet of speaker wire. With the option to be professionally installed by our experienced and reliable technicians.

Available in black or white. Pricing starts at $450

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RF Mogul
RV Satellite TV

With the fully automatic satellite TV antenna system from our trusted partners you can get crystal clear TV all over northern Alberta.

The Eagle from RF Mogul features an integrated GPS, custom LNB arm and has support for multiple satellite providers including Shaw and Bell. These systems also have the ability to run DVR and multiple receivers for a truly at home experience on the go.

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RV Satellite TV

Winegard offers a variety of automatic satellite units. From the SK-7003 shown here to the more discrete Carryout G3 model, we can the perfect model for your needs.

Featuring multi-satellite viewing, automatic tracking and one-button operation, these units are a breeze to use.

We carry models for both Bell Satellite and Shaw Direct TV. With our professional installation and excellent support, you can enjoy your satellite TV with confidence

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