Computer Sales


     Does the new hire need a new computer? Your old computer starting to show its age? We can order the computer that will meet your exact needs. Not every computer is created equally and just like any other machine they are built for particular use cases. Whether it's just for watching YouTube and checking e-mail or you need a productivity workhorse we'll find the machine for you.


     With our in-house IT technician, we can help you set-up your computer and accounts. If you bring in your old computer or data we can even transfer all of your precious documents, movies and pictures to your brand new computer.

IT Services


     We offer a wide range of IT services for your personal and business technology including but not limited to:


  • Diagnostic

    • Drop off your device and we can take a look at it and figure what exactly needs to be done.

  • Data Backup

    • Keep those priceless moments safe by creating a backup of your pictures, videos and important documents.

  • Data Recovery

    • In the case of a hard drive failure or emergency, we can attempt to recover your data or restore from a backup you had made prior.

  • Virus Removal

    • Click on a phishing e-mail or allow someone access to your computer that you're not sure of? We can run a full system scan and remove any malicious software installed on your computer.

  • OS Install / Update

    • Whether you need to update a no-longer supported version of Windows or need a full re-install of your operating system we're here to help.

  • Hardware Upgrade / Repair

    • Need to replace some ageing hardware? One of the many components of your computer has failed? We can get and install the part you need.


     Please call us at 780-539-9677 or email us at or drop your equipment off for more information and pricing.

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