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Keep an eye on what's important to you with our state-of-the-art surveillance camera systems.


The newest of our security camera suppliers. Tiandy has some very impressive projects under their belts including the 2022 Beijing Olympic games.

Tiandy's products are very impressive with unbelievable low light vision and excellent video quality.

Like Galaxy a Tiandy system will also feature remote access and local recording and monitoring. 



The newest innovative security system is now available. Looking for off-the-grid solar-powered wireless cameras then Vosker is for you!

Featuring 4g Wireless LTE, remotely monitor and access your cameras anywhere! Cameras come with an included sim card for your convenience.



Looking for something else we also carry the Galaxy brand available in store and on display for our store demo! With multiple different models to choose from we are sure we can find the right fit for you!

Live Demo

You can drop in at any time for a live demo of the system we have set-up in our store. We have wired cameras running on our NVR so you can compare the options available to you. For a taste of the quality and variety of cameras we have to offer, take a look at the screenshots below

For A Quote

You can get a custom quote by:

Calling us at 780-539-9677

Emailing us at

Visiting us at #2-9899 112 Ave. Grande Prairie, AB.

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