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Extend your internet to every corner of your property.

With our commercial grade equipment, we can send your internet service wirelessly from one building to another. Our access points are rated for outdoor use and able to withstand harsh Canadian winters.

At distances up to 13 KM away, almost no building is too far away for our system to reach. A clear line of sight is needed for the best service. Our technicians can come out and perform a site check to ensure that the system will work for you

Built using the latest technology we can connect your locations with up to 867 Mbps of wireless speed.

At these speeds, you won't even notice you aren't in the same building as the internet source. You will also be able to access any network resources from the remote location such as printers and file servers.

Call in or stop by today to ask any questions or book a site check for one of our technicians to come and take a look at your property layout.


#102 9899 112 Ave. Grande Prairie, AB, T8V 7T2

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